South Staffordshire College Stepping Up in Sustainability project

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Between 2010 and 2013, LSIS has provided grants to support 63 projects which aim to develop, embed and disseminate effective approaches to sustainable development.

Each of these projects has developed a case study and, in many cases, resources and tools, which are now available for other providers to access, adopt, adapt and learn from, free of charge.

Below you can find details of the South Staffordshire College project showcasing their case study. Please feel free to download, use and adapt this resource - while acknowledging the authors - and to contact and engage with South Staffordshire College to find out more. Contact details are provided within the case study.

South Staffordshire College - Sustaining Carbon Reduction Strategies

Building on learning from the successful Lowering Energy Survey System (LESS) project, this project extended carbon reduction/energy saving activities across all campuses. Using a variety of different approaches (eg campaigns, software, surveys, competitions, incentives) the project team sought to further raise the profile of carbon reduction activities and their benefits in combating climate change and reducing costs.