St Andrews NDEE Case Study

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The University of St Andrews are utilising the Non-Domestic Energy Efficiency (NDEE) Framework to carry out improvements on their university buildings.

They have given a presentation on what the projects are and how the NDEE framework has been utilised.

Background on NDEE

NDEE is a framework to facilitate the implementation of non-domestic energy efficiency (NDEE) to the Scottish public sector. 

The framework has one lot, comprising multiple framework suppliers each able to deliver energy efficiency works and services via a range of technical solutions that will provide guaranteed energy performance over the term of the call-off contract awarded under the framework.

The framework is based upon an Energy Performance Contract (EnPC) with a performance guarantee capable of delivering on the basis of:

  • design and build
  • design, build and operate
  • design, build, operate, finance
  • design, build, operate, finance and maintain

What is in scope?

The framework covers non-domestic energy efficiency retrofit, in its broadest sense, to public sector buildings and grounds including a combination of building fabric, building environmental services systems and their control (for example heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, water etc) and local energy regeneration (including combined heat and power systems and district heating systems).