Sustainable Food Policy and Action plan - The University of St Andrews

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The University of St Andrews released a Sustainable food Policy and a Sustainable food action plan in 2018. They are both available to download from here.

The details of these documents are listed below:

Integrating sustainability within the global food systems is an enormous task. Which is why the University has adopted a Sustainable Food Policy that outlines practical measures for reducing the environmental impact associated with the food we procure, by:

  • Procuring and providing fresh, nutritious food which is reflective of local diversity.
  • Reducing food miles, food waste and the carbon footprint of our food.
  • Supporting ethical food certification standards, such as endorsing fairly traded food, the Fairtrade certification standards and the Marine Stewardship Council Certification as well as other ethical initiatives where possible.
  • Shifting the ethos of procurement to one with social, economic and environmental agenda compatible with varied cultural identities.
  • Demonstrate achievement of high catering standards for good value whilst striving for sustainable attributes (i.e. be an exemplar).

The Sustainable Food Action Plan identifies how we will meet the objectives outlined in the Sustainable Food Policy, and includes over 30 criteria with time-bound targets for departments to work towards.