The green laboratories manual, June 2014

Tags: learning | teaching | green | laboratories | technical | biosciences

In response to the report by the Higher Education Academy ‘Sustainable Development in Higher Education, Current Practice and Future Developments’, the Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS) at the University of Aberystwyth (AU) proposed the practical implementation of sustainability into the curriculum and delivery of education across the Biological Science sector. The project was funded by the Centre for Bioscience’s Departmental Teaching Enhancement Scheme and entitled "Towards Sustainable Teaching of Biosciences". Initial research highlighted that a lack of relevant information was a limiting factor in implementing sustainability into the working practices of Bioscience Departments. The ‘Green Laboratories Manual’ was therefore designed to address this problem.

This guide has been prepared as a general reference and starting point for laboratories wishing to move towards sustainable practices. It does not constitute technical guidance, and is not a substitute for appropriate professional advice on the subject matter being discussed.