The Business Student's Guide to Sustainable Management: Principles and Practice

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 'The Business Student's Guide to Sustainable Management: Principles and Practice' provides very useful teaching materials that could also be adapted for other courses, and might be useful for those looking to inspire and support others to bring sustainability into their teaching, as well of course educators in business/management.

Here's a review from Forbes about it:

In 400 pages of easy-to-read text, this book explains what sustainability means for management   provides fully developed seminars for teaching sessions and an excellent collection of additional learning materials and further readings  the textbook really is a most useful guide as well for business managers who are interested in making their companies more sustainable.

With new textbooks like The Business Students Guide to Sustainable Management, students, teachers and managers alike now have an opportunity to see how sustainability affects all aspects of a business and how profit-seeking businesses can indeed be good for both people and our planet. Francis Vorhies, Forbes