The Scottish Government's Better Business Guide

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The Scottish Government's Better Business Guide image #1

The Scottish Government produced a guide on Better Business and how to improve staff performance based on experiences from local authorities, support agencies and businesses. The Guide illustrates how staff engagement offers real benefits that are much broader than just carbon savings.

Innovating, building staff morale, cost-cutting, and being viewed as leading the pack on sustainability are just some of the key reasons to get involved. But perhaps the most important reason of all is that cutting carbon in a collective way makes great business sense - socially responsible business is something that staff, customers, suppliers, and other employers instinctively recognise and want to buy into.

Carbon emissions are driving climate change and are unsustainable, at current levels. Future generations are relying on us to do more to limit the damage these emissions are causing. Some employers are already doing a lot of good. But whatever your stage of development, you can join them and reap the benefits of engaging staff on low carbon activities.