Top carbon and energy tips from Carbon Credentials

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Top carbon and energy tips from Carbon Credentials image #1

We wanted to get some useful tops tips from each of our 2015 EAUC Annual Conference sponsors that will be your first port of call for energy and carbon management, creating inspirational learning spaces, recycling strategy and so on. 

Here are the tips from Carbon Credentials:

  1. Make best use of your data - The old adage "You can't manage what you can't measure" is very apt when it comes to sustainability. Universities and Colleges should make the best possible use of the data that's available to them, viewing it as a great opportunity for energy, carbon and financial savings
  2. Update and optimise your carbon management plan - Is your Carbon Management Plan being effectively utilised as the primary tool to support carbon reduction? Are you effectively engaging staff and building users with carbon management issues? Is your senior leadership team actively driving efforts to reduce carbon emissions? If the answer is 'No' to any or all of these, it's time to update and optimise your CMP
  3. Define the optimal route for capital funding - Don't let funding be a barrier to achieving your carbon reduction targets. Seek out independent, technical and financial strategic advisory services that enable your University to define the optimal way forward to fund significant investments for low carbon and energy efficiency measures