Trade Effluent Consent Applications - Feb 2016 Member Responses

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Jennie Jack, Environmental Sustainability Projects Manager, University of Oxford emailed the ISO14001 Community of Practice to ask,

“We would welcome your thoughts and experience on completing trade effluent consents for your site(s).

The consent application form required by Thames Water asks us to list all substances in the waste water and their concentration levels. The form feels appropriate for manufacturing operations where quantities are easier to predict and this is ok for many of our sites but for our large research intensive buildings, the dynamic research environment means concentrations and chemicals vary. As such the form is challenging to complete. We are therefore looking to speak with Thames regarding a more suitable approach perhaps similar to this NHS agreement which is based on a green, amber and red approach.

We are keen to understand more about the experience of other EAUC members and would appreciate your time to answer the questions below:

1. Are you required by your sewage undertaker to apply for a trade effluent consent(s)?`


2. If no, what reason was given for not requiring a consent by either yourself or the undertaker?

3. If yes:

a. Does your University/college complete a standard application form or do you have a modified process for some/all of your sites?

b. Do you have difficulties or other challenges in completing the application form for some/all of your sites? Please provide additional information.


c. Why is the form easy for you to complete? Please provide additional information.

d. Would you be interested in a wider conversation with sewage undertakers to establish a system which meets compliance but is reflective of the dynamic University environment?

4. Any other notes or comments:

Many thanks for your time.”

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