Transformational Leadership Summit - the CBIS framework

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This is the Transformational Leadership Summit presentation which formed part of the “Challenging Connections” EAUC Annual Conference 2015. The Summit took place on day 2 of the Conference and saw the inaugural UK delivery of the Core Business Integration of Sustainability (CBIS) Executive Programme.

The Summit was developed in partnership with Leith Sharp, Director of Executive Education for Sustainability, Harvard University Center for Health and the Global Environment. The EAUC is joining a growing network of CBIS conveners, which include The Harvard University Centre for Health and Global Environment, the US Green Building Council and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

The one day Summit was co-led by CBIS Convenors Christa Gyori, Unilever USA and Rosi Kerr, Dartmouth University, USA with special guest Leanne Denby, Macquarie University.

Driving sustainability into an institution’s core mission, positioning the institution to “do well by doing good” is the complex leadership challenge of the 21st century. It requires the transformation of long-standing organisational identity, culture, and processes so change, innovation and agility become possible. It requires new levels of engagement, performance, and shared purpose across the institution.

This program introduced participants to a conceptual framework that enables institutions to undertake this transformation by positioning sustainability as a solution for their organisation. This framework was recently launched and validated at an executive education program at Harvard University.

The philosophy of the CBIS enterprise around intellectual property is to open source it by using the creative commons licensing 4.0 so that you are free to use but obligated to share back with everyone anything they modify/improve upon.