University of Cambridge’s Living Laboratory for Sustainability Annual Report 2015-2016

Tags: sustainability | estates management | living laboratory

The Living Laboratory for Sustainability provides opportunities for students to help improve environmental sustainability across the University estate, through projects, internships and research. Funded by Santander, the project aims to enhance students’ educational and practical experience, contribute to teaching and research, foster collaboration across the University and contribute to the University’s efforts on environmental sustainability.

Over its first three years between October 2012 and September 2015, 43 projects were undertaken, involving 120 students and staff directly responsible for the projects, and reaching a further 300 people who benefited from the projects. Some of the outcomes of these projects were detailed in last year’s report on pages 8-10.

In 2015/16, the level and rate of activity continues to grow – 23 projects have been undertaken, involving 112 students and supporting staff, and reaching a further 260 people (through attendance at events, involvement in activities initiated through Living Lab projects).

These projects are briefly described under the four activity areas of the Living Lab in the report.