University of Reading Fume Cupboards

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University of Reading Fume Cupboards image #1

The University of Reading £250,000 energy efficiency overhaul of fume cupboards in 2 large teaching laboratories is achieving substantial savings of £90,500 and 343 tCO2 annually; paying back in just 2.8 years!  The University is now undertaking an estate-wide energy efficiency review of its entire 300+ fume cupboard stock.

The University installed intelligent ‘variable air volume’ (VAV) controls, which adjust ventilation as required, new high-efficiency extract fans, which are 32% more efficient than previously, and a re-design of chemical storage cupboard ventilation.

The laboratories are a much more comfortable working environment now, having reduced the number of air changes per hour from 36 to 10 and so extracting less heated air.

User engagement has also been critical, and a striking, interactive energy display has been installed in both labs, designed by the University's Go Green Week competition winner, to give a visual indicator of how efficiently the systems are running.