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Love Food Hate Waste aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and help us take action. It shows that by doing some easy practical everyday things in the home we can all waste less food, which will ultimately benefit our purses and the environment too.

"We work with a wide range of partners, from community organisations, chefs, UK businesses, trade bodies and local authorities through to individuals looking for practical advice. We always aim to work together with others to achieve the best results."

Useful links:

Love Food Hate Waste provides a wealth of information on consumer insights as well as material about food waste that you can share with customers. This Love Food Hate Waste video shows what people say about the food they waste when eating out.

These Love Food Hate Waste short films and animations have tips, hints, recipes and inspirational ideas for making the most of food, wasting less and saving more.

Resource pack for Hospitality and Food service sector