5 WOWs - A tool for sustainable decision making

Tags: sustainable | EAUCConf18 | decision making


5 WOWs - A tool for sustainable decision making image #1

Collaboration, long-term (planning), integration, involvement and prevention are the Five Ways of Working (WoWs) identified in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. They aim to foster sustainable decision-making, in turn supporting organizations to fulfil the Act’s seven Well-being Goals, which align with the UN SDGs. As a direct result of the Act, the Higher Education Future Generations Group (HEFGG) has made a commitment to inter-institution collaboration across the Welsh HE/FE sector. This HEFGG workshop will explore how the five WoWs can be applied within individual and multiorganization contexts to support sustainable decision-making towards achieving the SDGs. 

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