Student attitudes towards climate change, divestment and renewables

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NUS conducts monthly surveys among students to gauge opinions on a range of issues, some of which related to climate change and sustainability. Our questions have asked students about:

climate change
climate change and government

We have found that:

89 per cent of students support renewables
65 per cent of students think the government isn't doing enough to support renewables
86 per cent of students think the government should take ambitious action to combat climate change, with just under half saying they should do 'whatever it takes'.
2/3 of students think we are already feeling the effects of climate change in the UK

Our findings show that sustainability is a hugely important issue to students, with massive support for both divestment and renewables, as well as calling for strong leadership from our government to mitigate their concerns over climate change.

Read the full findings, as well as how student attitudes have changed over time.