A structured approach


The management of waste is not a static process. Every institution will need to establish a process to ensure that its waste management practices continue to comply with legislation, evolve alongside the institution and keep pace with best practice. This process is known as a waste management system.
Your organisation may already have taken some of the steps towards developing a waste management system and The Waste Management Cycle will help you to identify what stage you have reached. Using this structured management approach will help to ensure the success of waste minimisation, recycling and good waste management practices

All management systems, regardless of what they are attempting to manage, follow the same basic cycle. They involve:

Setting up and running a management system is a team activity. An appropriate team may have been identified through the preliminary or detailed review.

The formal guidance in this chapter can be directly applied to the more general descriptions of good practice. Use these topics in conjunction with each other as you work through the cyclespan