EAUC Waste Management Guide

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There are numerous textbooks and reference manuals on waste management, but most have an industry focus and few are ‘step by step’ or ‘how to do it’ guides. In recognition of this, EAUC published “A Practical Waste Management Guide for Universities and Colleges” in 2001. This highly successful publication has helped many institutions to manage their waste more sustainably. However many detailed changes to the legislation have occurred since and the Association successfully bid to Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) for support for a major revision – to be accessed via the web.

This new on-line Waste Management Guide has built on this achievement. Information has been updated, new case studies added and numerous links to other sources of information and guidance greatly enhance the value and usefulness of the guide. Interactive links between sections increase the accessibility of the “how-to-do-it” advice and help to ensure that important legislation is at hand through any waste management process. There are downloadable templates, which can be used or adapted to assist with managing waste streams.

The Waste Management Guide does not attempt to provide comprehensive advice on managing every possible waste arising from FHE institutions, but aims to provide a framework for building a waste management system. Every effort has been taken to ensure that information in the guide is up to date. However, with ever changing waste management legislation and policy and rapidly evolving examples of best practice in the sector, readers must ensure that their waste management system continues to be updated.