How to use the Waste Management Guide

The Guide to Waste Management provides practical information on how to identify and manage the waste produced in your institution. This is a complex subject to describe so the text includes cross-references throughout and includes information on relevant legislation, together with action advice on how to comply with any particular aspect of the law. You don’t have to read the entire guide before you start, you can simply go the section you are interested in and follow the links.

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Finding your way around the Guide:

Action Boxes Where you will find ideas for actions, activities or directions on how to go about practical tasks
Information Boxes for detailed information to help you with your practical actions
Tables simplify or summarise facts you may need
Templates are data collection forms for you to copy and use or adapt appropriately. This icon shows you an example of a template, either blank or completed. The use of each template is explained at the appropriate point in the text. The templates are downloadable for you to copy or adapt for your own needs.
Waste List provides information on recycling or disposing of waste materials likely to be found in FHE.
Case Studies give you real examples of what is being done in the FHE sector.
Examples This section contains an invitation to tender document and a tender pre-qualification questionnaire.