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On this website reference is made to various National Regulations, European and British Standards and other appropriate reference documents. Some of the major aspects of these have been summarised. This is done only to assist users of the Guide by drawing their attention to these regulations and standards. It is the responsibility of those who use this Guide to make themselves thoroughly conversant with all the appropriate legislation and standards and not to rely on any reference or summary contained in this website which not may be complete or comprehensive. It is not intended that this document should replace any Acts, Codes of Practice, Regulations or other documents having legal or contractual standing.

Of necessity this website addresses the broad principles that should be adopted. Advice in respect of specific equipment or operations should be obtained from the appropriate body or technical reference source. Various commercial companies have been listed as examples of services available. Please note, EAUC does not endorse any of these organisations and can accept no responsibility for their performance

The recognition of the various and individual responsibilities of “DUTY OF CARE” are fundamental to the application of the Guide and the principle of “Identify the Hazard, Assess the Risk and Take the Appropriate Corrective Action” should always be applied.