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What's in the Guide? 

Welcome to the SORTED Guide to Sustainability in Further Education.

SORTED stands for Sustainability Online Resource and Toolkit for Education. It is a guide that has been developed by the EAUC specifically for colleges, to help them embed sustainability within their institutions.

In the guide you'll find information, tips and resources that you will find useful wherever you are in your sustainability journey. Whether you have been doing sustainability for a while, or if you are just starting out, this guide will help you and your institution Get SORTED.  

The guide is structured around the categories outlined in the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard. Each section is designed to be a starting point, a quick read to introduce you to the area, covering:

Before reading each section, take a moment to pause and reflect on the following questions. Capture your ideas on paper before you start reading the section.

Then as you read through, think about how to make your ideas a reality. What would it take? Who else has done something similar or gone some way towards it already?

Thanks to Kirsti Norris at Action for Sustainability for reviewing and updating the guide. 

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