Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges Scotland (APUC) provide Responsible Procurement and Supply Chain Guides for relevant procurement streams. These guides cover the following areas;

  • Building Maintenance
  • Catering Produce
  • Furniture Textiles and Electrical Items
  • Janitorial General Waste
  • Vehicle and Transport
  •  Building Maintenance Use of Utilities
  • Vehicle and Transport
  • Labs

Each guide covers the areas that should be considered throughout procurement including; Carbon Reduction, Economic, social and Environmental Wellbeing, Slavery and Human Trafficking, Scottish Government Targets and wider context, Embedding responsible procurement in the procurement journey, Life-Cycle Impacts and Prioritisation Methodology.

The guides are updated regularly and the most up-to-date guides are available to be accessed via the APUC portal. These guides were uploaded on the 24/11/2017, we aim to update these guides regularly but if you require the most recent versions please contact APUC for access.