Building the Best Business Cases - with top 10 guide!

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Presentation from 18th EAUC Annual Conference 2014

Stream: Leadership and Governance 
Competancy level: All


Picture this: you need more resources in terms of cash and staff so how can you convince your boss to give you what you need? Join this interactive workshop where you will pick up tips for writing successful business cases, see some live examples and contribute to a group discussion. With carbon, energy, staffing and biodiversity business case examples, Dr Emma Fieldhouse (Future We Want Ltd), Dr John Hindley (MMU) and Andrew McKenzie from Schneider Electric will use your expertise as well as their own to help to build a template for best practice for the sector.


Dr Emma Fieldhouse, Director, Future We Want Ltd; John Hindley, Head of Environmental Strategy, Manchester Metropolitan University and Andrew McKenzie, Enterprise Sales Manager, Schneider Electric UK

This resource also includes Building the best sustainability business cases - Top 10: These are the Top 10 things that were agreed at the workshop to be worth considering when compiling a business case for sustainability.

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