Burnout Health and Wellbeing TSN March 2022

Tags: Health and Wellbeing | psychology | burnout | activism

Educators with a passion for sustainability are at a greater risk of burnout than ever before; following the pressure of COP26 in Glasgow to make significant changes at institutions combined with role uncertainty throughout the pandemic.

Our online March topic support network aimed to explore how to recognise the phenonomena of burnout, the common triggers in the FHE sector, how our additional responsibilities as activists can contribute and how to ensure we have psychological safety in our workplace. 

The recording is aimed at all staff, particularly those with a role in supporting staff and student wellbeing. 

The video includes: 

  • An analysis of national higher and further education staff wellbeing surveys (4.09)
  • A study on the burnout experienced by activist networks that supported freelance creatives in response to the covid pandemic (29.02)
  • An explanation and example of activities used in the Re:Markable psychological safety workshop (51.19)

Minutes from the session, individual presentations and resources highlighted in the session can also be downloaded from this page.