Challenging Connections: The EAUC Annual Conference

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By: Natasha Allard & Yasmin Al-Samarrai

In 2014 Carbon Credentials supported the Annual Conference of the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) as its headline sponsor. Since then we have supported an ever increasing number of universities with their carbon management efforts. This support has ranged from discrete to large scale projects involving data management, energy audits, and stakeholder engagement.

In preparation for the 2015 Conference, this blog post covers:

  • Carbon Credentials’ Optimised Carbon Management Plan
  • What Universities expect to achieve from their CMPs:
  • Challenges Faced by Higher Education
  • Case study - The University of Nottingham

At the University of Nottingham, Carbon Credentials has helped implement a system where they are using this data driven approach to build informed, evidence-based investment proposals and decisions. In a video, Andy Nolan, Director of Sustainability at The University of Nottingham, discusses the benefits of this integrated approach to the development of their carbon management plan.

Carbon Credentials was the Headline Sponsor of the 2015 Annual Conference.