Easy as 123? Three ideas to engage students with sustainability

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A presentation from the EAUC Annual Conference 2012 which helps you to continue the learning and inspiration.

Held at the University of York between 27-29 March 2012

Topics covered

Here we look at three good examples of various initiatives involving students in sustainability initiatives and what motivates them. For students, this shows real commitment and motivation which although classed as a “soft skill” is an important one with future employers. Student Hubs: will cover student
engagement and also show you how to access guides and online materials.

  • Advantage Award Scheme/Nottingham University – students receive credit for community work, volunteering etc. and these credits get included in their degree certificates
  • Environment Team Volunteers Scheme/University of Leicester – this scheme managed to recruit 470 Environment Team volunteers! Come and hear about what both the students and the institution gain from the scheme, and how other institutions can create similar schemes
  • The Green Future project/Redbridge Institute of Adult Education – scheme encouraging students to recruit and become “envirochampions” and what impact this has had


Dr Sarah Speight, Associate Professor, Advantage Award Scheme (Nottingham University), Ellen Holmes, Environment Team Communications and Events Intern and Catherine Russell, Part-Time Volunteer Coordinator, Environment Team (University of Leicester), Joni Cunningham, Principal (Redbridge Institute of Adult Learning) and Rob Holtom (Student Hubs)