Waste Water Heating System at Borders College image #1 Waste Water Heating System at Borders College image #2

This presentation was given as an introduction to the 'Financing and Managing Projects for Change' Summit at the EAUC-Scotland Conference 2017 by Pete Smith, Vice Principal, Finance and Resources, and Robert Hewitt, Facilities Manager, from Borders College, and Russ Burton, COO at SHARC Energy Systems.

Session Outline

This presentation explains Borders College's journey in implementing a new and innovative waste-water heating system without having an actual budget to do so. This was made possible by working together with SHARC Energy Systems, with a business model which paid for the implementation of the new heating system. In return, the college is paying a set price to SHARC Energy for the usage of the heat pump system.

It was important for the College that the old heating system could stay in place to avoid potential heating failures during the implementation. The new heating system is helping the college to reduce risks in terms of future energy price increases as well as helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Please note the video from the presentation on how the SHARC Energy Waste Water System works can be found as an individual file below.


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