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This presentation was the keynote from the EAUC-Scotland Conference 2017 by Professor Pamela Gillies, Principal and Vice-Chancellor at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Find the presentation slides downloadable from this page, and listen to our recording of her presentation below.

Session Outline

The presentation explains the reasons behind the rebranding of Glasgow Caledonian University to the 'University of the Common Good' and particularly what this means for the university in terms of day-to-day business.

With around 20,000 students, GCU is successful in  teaching, research, retention and employability statistics, as well as being an important contributor the Scottish economy by adding £1bn and 12,400 jobs to it each year.

The university has an environmentally sustainable campus in Glasgow, building to BREEAM standards. It sends no waste to landfill and uses a CHP plant which provides 100% of heating and a third of the required electricity for the campus. The CHP plant also acts as an education centre, and holds Cycle Friendly Campus and Eco Campus Platinum status.

GCU is delivering Common Good initiatives in a variety of forms, such as through research and teaching around sustainability, which has led to the establishment of the Centre for Climate Justice, the Fair Fashion CEO Council at the Glasgow Caledonian New York Campus and research into safe energy production as well as safe construction techniques aimed at earthquake zones.

As the University strongly believes that education transforms lives, GCU is aiming to raise aspirations for the future by encouraging local school children to join the Advanced Higher Club where school pupils can take subjects not available at school. GCU also runs the Caledonian Club where 14,000 school pupils and 3,500 parents have come to the University to learn life skills.

Glasgow Caledonian University carries ethical leadership at its core.


EAUC-Scotland held their fourth conference on the 22nd February 2017 at the University of Stirling. Find all resources from the Conference using the tag EAUCS2017, and find out more about the event on the Conference webpages.