ESD TSN: Sustainability Competencies, Skills, and Graduate Attributes (May 2024)

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This event is supported by Learning for Sustainability Scotland ESD TSN: Sustainability Competencies, Skills, and Graduate Attributes (May 2024) image #2

The Education for Sustainable Development Topic Support Network meeting in May 2024 saw three inspiring approaches to developing sustainability competencies, skills, and graduate attributes with our students.

Nearly 50 staff from colleges and universities, as well as supporting organisations, listened, shared and discussed.

Catch up on this event by having a look at the minutes and summary file and slides to download, or watch the recording below.

The event featured:

00:00-16.12: Introduction of the event and concepts: Sustainability Skills, Graduate Attributes, and the UNESCO ESD competencies

16.13-34.27:  Adopting the CoDesignS ESD Framework for Integrating Sustainability Competencies, by Theresa Nicholson, Manchester Metropolitan University

Theresa presented the CoDesignS framework, co-led by Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with various institutions. This framework integrates UNESCO competencies, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) learning objectives, and transformative pedagogies.

34:28-49:56: Beyond the UN competencies for a more nuanced human nature relationship. Rehema White, University of St Andrews

Rehema’s presentation centred around going beyond the UNESCO competencies. It started by exploring the assessment of the UNESCO competencies and the development of a competency survey, and emphasised the need to go beyond these kinds of intellectual approaches to incorporate emotional and behavioural considerations. It also discussed the development of a new competency focused on nature relations and rights.

49.57-1:06:33: Developing a module using the Inner Development Goals. Valerie Jackman, College Development Network

Valerie presented the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) framework, a set of 5 overarching capacities for inner growth. Based on this framework, a team at West Lothian College developed the Change Sustain Attain unit, with a focus on student collaboration and self-assessment. This cross-curricular module, co-created with students, encourages reflection and personal growth and guides student to develop their chosen IDGs. 

1:06:44-end: Breakout rooms, summary of discussions, and close (breakout rooms were not recorded)