GGAA 2014 - Continuous Improvement - RMIT University - Winner

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Shaping Sustainable Cities

RMIT’s vision is to be urban in orientation and creativity, shaping sustainable cities and drawing inspiration from the challenges and opportunities they provide. Bold high level commitments clearly articulated by the university executive through the Australian Technology Network (ATN) Declaration of Commitment and the strategic plan have driven substantial and systematic changes. Taking RMIT on a journey, embedding sustainability across learning & teaching, research and operations since 2008.

Top 3 learnings:

  • Framing sustainability in the institution’s values allows the executive to clearly see the strategic alignment.
  • Bringing together operational staff and academic experts ensure rich opportunities for all parties.
  • Leveraging ‘living laboratory’ outcomes from capital projects enhance the value of the expenditure and allow researchers and students to connect meaningfully with industry partners and operational staff.

What it means to win: 
“RMIT is strongly committed to transforming our own built environment to help create sustainable and resilient cities where we are located. The Green Gown – Continuous Improvement Award is an excellent fit with the University’s on-going commitment to sustainability and would demonstrate that RMIT has become a leader in this essential space”.

– Professor Margaret Gardner AO, Vice-Chancellor and President RMIT University

What the judges said: 
The judges thought this was a really strong application that looked at sustainability holistically and covered all the areas around operations, L&T and research. It was strategically embedded within the institution, demonstrating leadership. The judges liked the way RMIT used their geographic position as a sustainability advantage.