Influence! 2019 - Bring Your Own Bowl: an event with influence?

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From research to practice: Developing interventions with influence. Bring Your Own Bowl (BYOB) is a food waste behaviour change and student community building intervention. Primarily for students based in University Accommodation, BYOB focuses on creating social networks through the shared enjoyment of free surplus food.

The events engage students on key food waste messages and provide ideas for personal action. The name symbolises the fact that all students have to do is bring their own bowl; we take care of the rest. The Students’ Union at UWE will explore the different tools that created this Green Gown Award winning Student Engagement Event. 

Find out more about this initiative in the resource available on this page.

This session was part of Influence, the EAUC’s 2019 Annual Conference. All resources from the day can be found here.