Influence 2019! Nudgeathon: Influencing Behaviour Positively

Tags: university | behaviour change | change | 2019 | influence2019 | influence | behaviour | Warwick | Nudgeathon | participatory design | nudge | Udall | David | Chapman | Alina

Many attempts have been made to influence behaviour in a positive way e.g. recycling correctly, using design-thinking, participatory design, and choice architecture. However, each approach alone has its limitations.

To overcome these challenges in order to optimally influence behaviour, University of Warwick combines these three approaches, and propose a new comprehensive behaviour change model, namely, Nudgeathon.

Nudgeathon proposes seven consecutive stages that can lead to any type of behaviour change, and in any contexts. The aim of this session was to take delegates through the seven-stage process that has been successfully tested at an Institution level, where they observed positive behaviour change.

This session was part of Influence, the EAUC’s 2019 Annual Conference. All resources from the day can be found here.