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We are in early discussions with JISC, UCISA and the Russell Group IT Group on potential tools to help the sector. A focus on life cycle costing is preferred.

APUC and LUPC to look to main suppliers (HP & Dell) for data that they can provide as well as infrastructure providers such as CISCO and Oracle. 

Exploring digital carbon footprints - Report by JISC

The carbon impact of digital technologies is huge and growing at an exponential rate, which has been accelerated further by the rapid digitalisation forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital is now more entwined in our lives than ever, yet it is easy to underestimate the extent of the environmental harm it can cause.

Organisations of all types, education included, are discovering that the greatest contributors to their carbon footprints are the services and products they buy. Indeed, a vast majority (approximately 80%) of IT’s carbon footprint can be attributed to the manufacturing and distribution of the equipment itself. The rest comes from operational usage.

Download the report.

World first: Researchers create CO2 measurement tool to calculate emissions caused by digital data:

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