Just One Tree

Tags: engagement | biodiversity | trees

In 2019, a new law was passed in the Philippines. Students now have a final requirement in order to graduate - they must plant 10 trees. JUST ONE Tree, a non-profit initiative, have emulated this idea in their University Partnership Programme. However, instead of 10 trees, just one tree is planted each year of a student's course. The best bit? It doesn’t cost participating universities a penny, and costs your students just £1. 

Each year a 'university-sized' collective forest is planted, restoring biodiversity and fighting climate change - all for less than a cup of coffee!

In the UK, trees are expensive, finding suitable land is complex and ensuring the maintenance of the trees after planting is costly. This is where JUST ONE Tree comes in. For each £1 a tree is planted across 7 equatorial countries where they have the greatest positive effect on reducing global warming. JUST ONE Tree concentrate on restoration, with a key focus on increasing biodiversity and social impact in the areas where they plant. 

The programme engages with the entire student population, helping to reduce climate anxiety whilst demonstrating the impact of positive behavioural change. In addition it helps strengthen a universities commitment to a greener future whilst increasing their global impact. Participating universities will also be able to share the amount of trees planted by their community and watch it increase year upon year.

Please contact amanda@justonetree.life for more details.