Keep Cups and other reuseable cups - EAUC Member responses

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Sarah Buckland, Environment & Sustainability Manager, University of Central Lancashire sent an email to the Educational Members; Network asking for advice about reusable cups:

“We are considering changing the reusable cups we sell to staff and students to a more stylish, colourful cup called Keep Cup. I know that some of you already use this brand. Although our Catering Manager can see the benefits of using a brand that provides you with the campaign material like posters and runs a facebook campaign and of course a cup with better green credentials. He is nervous about their cost and whether he will be able to recover this via sales. We will have 500 cups to sell at £8 each, a free drink at purchase and 10p off each drink going forward.

My questions to you are;
1) Has anyone found a retail price that works really well on their campus and what is it?
2) What alternatives to Keep Cup have people found?”