Leadership for Sustainable Development in Welsh Colleges

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Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales carried out some research in 2014 into the way the FE sector in Wales is embracing the concept of sustainable development and turning theory into practice.

The result of this research is the report entitled: 'How the Further Education Sector Is Adopting Sustainable Development as a Central Organising Principle' and four case studies. 

This case study focuses on Leadership for Sustainable Development.

There is now a wide body of evidence from around the world and across different sectors that supports the argument that leadership is essential for sustainable development (SD) but that traditional concepts of leadership are more of a hindrance than a help.

The World Business Council on Sustainable Development has summarised much of this evidence in their report “People Lead”. The report makes the case that while it would be too simplistic to identify a single leadership style or approach as being ideal for sustainable development, there are general trends and characteristics that are found across all organisations who are successfully translating a commitment to sustainability into practical outcomes. We have found the same qualities and profiles in signatories of the Sustainable Development Charter and other organisations we work with.