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A university or college Living Lab is where real-world institutional problems are addressed in new dynamic partnerships between all the institution's stakeholder groups. A Living Lab facilitates a bridge of collaboration which liberates intellectual potential to address its own practical challenges. Surprisingly, a Lab does not necessarily demand a significant amount of additional resource; it simply helps identify existing resources and redirects them to the right problems.
The potential is transformational. Living Labs promise the opportunity of applied learning and employability skills for students, problem-solving for campus managers, a rich and real-world learning experience for academics and a redefined student experience and new levels of student retention and satisfaction for managers.
Recognising this, the EAUC has invested into in-depth, world-leading research.  Living Labs are at the heart of the new EAUC 2021 strategy and provide the practical means to make sustainability not only ‘good business’ but the new norm in how we all work.

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