Marine Stewardship Council Student Ocean Hero Campaign

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Marine Stewardship Council Student Ocean Hero Campaign  image #1

A great initiative to help get the message out about eating sustainable fish.

The MSC and WWF have teamed up to create a new campaign in the lead up to Earth Hour (March 28th 2015). It is a month long campaign, launching on February 26th which encourages students to become ‘Ocean Heros’ and to support the MSC and WWF in their endeavours to ensure that seafood supplies are secured and marine ecosystems are protected for this and future generations.

The campaign will be held amongst universities and colleges across the UK and encourages students to interact and engage with the campaign in the following ways:
1.       Look for the MSC ecolabel when buying fish (at the supermarket, in restaurants and in fish and chip shops)
2.       Show support through social media by taking part in the #fishface competition and using the twitter handles for WWF, MSC and Earth Hour
3.       Remember to have a candlelit MSC dinner to celebrate Earth Hour on March 28th

The MSC and WWF will be producing a range of free campaign materials, including table talkers, drinks mats and posters. There will also be a number of digital assets that you will be able to make use of for the campaign. These resources all aim to encourage interaction and raise awareness of the campaign.

The MSC and WWF are keen to get as many universities and as many students involved in this campaign as possible. It is a great opportunity for students to engage with two leading sustainability and environmental charities and to show support for a solution to a real issue. They will also have the opportunity to win one of three iPad minis through the #fishface competition which will be running throughout the campaign.

To find out more contact either of the following:
•         George Clark | 0207 246 8917
•         Alice Lowe | 0207 246 8984

MSC can provide and send printed posters and the other materials listed – just contact George or Alice.