Modern space-saving recycling unit for Bath Spa University's newly completed Halls of Residence

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The halls form part of the landmark Learning Centre buildings which opened its doors last month. Read more below or download the full case study from the April 2015 issue.

The discreet and compact EnviroStack fits into the student kitchens and allows collection of up to four types of recycling in one flexible and stackable unit. The affordable design costs just £99 for each 2-bin unit including recycling labels. (This rate applies to units with without sack retention bars)

The lightweight bins will be used bag-free as part of the university’s pledge to become ‘bagless’ as part of its strategy to save money and increase recycling rates by 80% by 2016.

EnviroStack is one of four bespoke recycling units developed by Leafield to deliver the best solutions for the building’s diverse spaces while complementing the contemporary look and feel of the new centre.

EnviroStack slimline units have a spacious capacity of 52 Litres and can be used as a single unit or in stackable groups. The units can be used with or without plastic bags. The space-saving design easily fits into any modern setting and the WRAP compliant, colourful lids can suit up to seven different waste streams. The bin body can be produced in a wide variety of colours and a black version can be made from 100% recycled plastic.

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