Unwrapping Plastics

Tags: hospitality | plastic | Disposables

Plastic plays a crucial role in the day to day operation of most food service businesses. Right now the sector is facing an unprecedented level of awareness and pressure over its environmental impact. Call it the Attenborough effect, or just a long time coming, but the tide is turning and the public is demanding change when it comes to singleuse plastic.

Tackling plastic use in your business can be a confusing and frustrating task. With so many types of plastic to cope with, and an ever increasing number of confusing ‘environmentally friendly’ alternatives coming to market, knowing how and where to start, and what answers are the best answers, is easier said than done.

Let’s be clear, plastic can be essential. It has saved lives in hospitals and enabled much of the technology we use in daily life. Within restaurants it has played a valuable role in improving food safety and reducing waste. We are not setting out to vilify all plastic. Instead this resource is built to help you navigate the journey to becoming plastic responsible. We want to support the food industry to make good decisions - not knee-jerk reactions - by asking the right questions, gaining reliable knowledge and using tools to help take action.