New versus old

Tags: carbon | buildings | BREEAM | renovation | low | heitage

A Presentation from Day 3 of the 17th EAUC Annual Conference 2013

New Versus old! Building 3 of the most sustainable buildings in the world - lessons learnt! And / reducing carbon in Heritage Buildings: Different, not impossible

Topics Covered:

The world’s most sustainable 1,026 bed student accommodation built for the same cost as a traditional one, the world’s first four story building made of hemp with a BREEAM rating of 95 and a laboratory building built to passivhaus accreditation. All have presented different challenges. The session looks at why Bradford chose to go down this route, greening the occupants, measuring sustainability and lessons learnt on the journey. On the flip side, many universities and colleges have heritage buildings within their estates. These often have high energy and emissions levels which are not tackled as the idiosyncracies of old buildings make people think that they are too difficult or impossible to deal with. Facilitated by ARUP, this session will demystify the potential approaches to carbon reductions and show four case studies of buildings from various sectors with costed intervention options showing significant savings.


Russell Smith, Estates Manager, University of Bradford and Andy Sheppard, Senior Sustainability Consultant, ARUP (EAUC Company Member)