NUS - Inspiration on SDGs

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NUS are building their work surrounding the SDGs, seeing them as a useful way of supporting and enhancing their work on freedom of access to education (quality, affordable education) equality, liberating the curriculum, ESD, and their long-term aspiration to see some joined up education policy in the UK with reference to sustainability.

They want to flag a project they are really quite proud of. They have worked with renowned photographer Mark Edwards to create WHOLE EARTH?, a bespoke photographic exhibition on sustainability that asks a series of questions about how universities should respond to the SDGs. It has been a tremendous success, especially in terms of engaging academics and their students in debate around the SDGs, and has helped embed sustainability into pretty much every discipline you might think of. A good example is the University of the West of England, where the President of the Students’ Union called on the university to formally respond to the questions posed in the exhibition - see the newsletter. It was a great way of engaging all the faculties in sustainable development and the SDGs. If you are interested in bringing the exhibition to your university you can contact Mark Edwards. There is a cost for the banners but Mark is also keen to rehome used banners to universities in developing countries through a twinning project (he has done this with India and Bangladesh and the Seychelles too).


WHOLE EARTH? launched at the Eden Project and at 20 universities across Europe in autumn 2015. Each university hosting the exhibition is encouraged to send the banners on to a partner university in Africa, Asia or South America. This second roll-out is happening now at majority world universities and colleges, and is being lined up for extensive tours in each country. See the newsletter for a selection of responses to WHOLE EARTH? from students, tutors, teachers and environmental campaigners. If you would like to host the project on your campus, please get in touch with Mark.

The EAUC is a partner of WHOLE EARTH?.