Public Bodies Climate Change Duties 2019 FHE Analysis & Recommendations

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November 2019 was the forth year for Scottish universities and colleges to submit their Public Bodies Climate Change Duties (PBCCD) reports as named 'major players' within the public sector. The reports are due annually on 30 November through the Scottish Government's online portal which is supported by the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN).

The six sections required for the report covers:

Organisation Profile
Governance, management & strategy
Corporate emissions, projects & targets

The final 'Recommended' section is a space for FHE to show their wider work such as engagement with students, staff, community and embedding sustainability in the curriculum.

EAUC-Scotland, as part of the Outcome Agreement with the Scottish Funding Council, has produced an annual report analysing and recommending areas for improvement and work for the next year. The report for the 2019 submissions is available in the 'Downloads' area to the right of this page.

This year we have also produced separate reports for the further and higher education sectors:

PBCCD Further Education Sector Analysis 2019

PBCCD Higher Education Sector Analysis 2019

EAUC-Scotland has been collaborating with sector partners in order to provide Scottish universities and colleges with support for reporting. If there is any training that you feel your institution could benefit from please get in touch with the EAUC-Scotland Office.

For more support, resources and analysis head to our Public Bodies Climate Change Duties - Reporting Tools & Resources page.