Scope 2 Reporting - Feb 2016 Member Responses

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Andrew Thomas, Sustainability Engineer, University of Warwick emailed the Energy & Water Community of Practice to say,

“This is my first time posting to this group. I hope I’m in the right place!

I’ve just picked up on the changes to the Scope 2 reporting guidelines in the GHG Protocol. The change seems to open the opportunity of using market based emissions factors (those provided directly by the Utility Supplier) alongside grid average (so called local) factors.

This has been done to encourage companies and organisations to procure low carbon energy and allow them to publically report this.

UK Guidelines (DEFRA) refer to the GHG protocol as an acceptable reporting methodology (so would presumably endorse the update(?)).

I wonder if any other Universities have

• received any guidance from HEFCE on using this methodology.
• considered using market based factors for reporting (and even target setting)
• been successful in obtaining the emissions factors and necessary supporting evidence from their suppliers."

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