SDG resources for teaching professionals

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To ensure that you, our members, feel that you can talk confidently about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - we are collating some resources specifically for teaching professionals. We hope they are of use.


AIM2Flourish have become an Endorsing Partner of the SDG Accord and have given us the below resources. It is a customizable, flexible, action-learning assignment that can be offered as part of a short-term, intensive class, or over the course of an entire semester.

Guide for Professors: AIM2Flourish in 6 Steps  

AIM2Flourish Student 2-Page Success Guide

AIM2Flourish SDGs Learning Resources (1 page)

AIM2Flourish Two-Page Overview

How to Review AIM2Flourish Stories Video (for Professors) (7 minutes)

Annual Flourish Prizes for the Best AIM2Flourish Stories  

Learn About the Flourish Prizes: Celebrating AIM2Flourish Innovation Stories

AIM2Flourish Professor Classroom Resources

AIM2Flourish Professor Sample Curricula 

AIM2Flourish Certificate for Student Recognition (Letter Size | A4 Size) 

AIM2Flourish Certificate for Faculty Recognition (Letter Size | A4 Size) 

AIM2Flourish Certificate for Business Recognition (Letter Size | A4 Size)