SDG resources for teaching professionals

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AIM2Flourish have become an Endorsing Partner of the SDG Accord and have provided the resources below. It is a customizable, flexible, action-learning assignment that can be offered as part of a short-term, intensive class, or over the course of an entire semester.

Guide for Professors: AIM2Flourish in 6 Steps  

AIM2Flourish Student 2-Page Success Guide

AIM2Flourish SDGs Learning Resources (1 page)

AIM2Flourish Two-Page Overview

How to Review AIM2Flourish Stories Video (for Professors) (7 minutes)

Annual Flourish Prizes for the Best AIM2Flourish Stories  

Learn About the Flourish Prizes: Celebrating AIM2Flourish Innovation Stories

AIM2Flourish Professor Classroom Resources

AIM2Flourish Professor Sample Curricula 

AIM2Flourish Certificate for Student Recognition (Letter Size | A4 Size) 

AIM2Flourish Certificate for Faculty Recognition (Letter Size | A4 Size) 

AIM2Flourish Certificate for Business Recognition (Letter Size | A4 Size)