State of the Campus Survey for Scotland's Colleges and Universities

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In 2008, on behalf of EAUC CaSPr, the Scottish Funding Council distributed the State of the Campus Survey to those responsible for Estates Management Statistics (EMS) and eMandate returns in each University and College in Scotland. These contacts were invited to submit the questionnaire on behalf of their institution to help identify sustainability achievements and opportunities for improvement in all Scottish Universities and Colleges. 

The survey gathered information about the extent to which institutions had: 

  • Identified legislative requirements and environmental risks; 
  • Developed and implemented policy and systems to improve their sustainability performance;
  • Taken practical action on sustainability related issues.

Of the 63 institutions that were sent the questionnaire, 28 (44%) responded; 42% were from Further Education (FE) and 53% Higher Education (HE). 

The State of the Campus Survey followed an initial survey undertaken in 2005/2006 (Initial Baseline Review) that was used to help establish existing performance and areas where additional support could be provided (a total of 30 initial partner institutions were invited to participate in the 2005/06 survey, not the entire sector as in the State of the Campus Survey in 2008).