University Commitment to the SDGs

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About the Commitment

The Commitment was initiated by SDSN Australia/Pacific to as a tool to engage senior university leadership on the SDGs, start conversations within the university on how it can support them, and demonstrate to external stakeholders why universities are critical for addressing the SDGs.

Becoming a signatory does not involve any mandatory or legal obligations, and it is up to each university how it interpret the Commitment. SDSN Australia/Pacific’s new guide, Getting started with the SDGs in Universities, provides practical guidance on how universities can support the implementation of the SDGs towards fulfilling their Commitment.

How to become a signatory

The Commitment is open to any university. To become a signatory, the head of the university will need to sign the Commitment text. Universities that are interested in signing the Commitment are invited to contact SDSN Australia/Pacific ( for further information.