Financial Resilience

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Sustainable Campus Fund at the University of Edinburgh

The Sustainable Campus Fund is an internal investment vehicle that finances renewables projects and those that improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption of energy, water and other materials on campus.

An initial business case was made to invest £2.75m over three years, to fund innovative projects that provide a sound financial return and carbon savings.

It highlighted that there are clear financial opportunities linked to energy efficiency and carbon savings around the University, but often a lack of funding to support local initiatives.

The business case was successful and £1.25m of projects were funded in the first two years, which yielded financial savings of £370,000/year and carbon savings of

Approved projects had an average ROI of 288% and a combined payback of 3.9 years. Strong performance led to an increase in overall investment in the Fund to £4.75m over five years. The model has also provided reputational benefits –attracting the interest of other public sector institutions and support from funding bodies.

See Sustainable Campus Fund Business Case Document