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Salford Energy House and Smart Meters Lab at University of Salford

Domestic energy accounts for more than 25% of UK energy consumption and is becoming increasingly technologically complex. To respond to this, the University of Salford’s Energy House, a whole house built in a lab under user-controlled conditions, has expanded its work from energy efficiency into energy systems where these technologies are linked and tested.

In addition, its ‘Smart Meters>Smart Homes’ Lab looks at how smart meters technology can support an increasingly complex energy system. The justification for investment in the Energy House and Smart Meters Lab was the opportunity to increase research income in this field of research and to attract industry partners (while also increasing the societal impact of the University through its research on energy as a major global challenge).

The Salford Energy House team have subsequently worked with more than 500 companies and have attracted commercial income and grants of more than £5m since 2010.

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