Next steps

In a resource constrained, competitive and volatile environment universities and colleges need to take a future-facing, risk-based approach to strategic planning and management in a way that balances financial benefits with social and environmental concerns.

Sustainability offers a key strategic solution and you, as a sustainability leader, are uniquely placed to sell the business benefits of sustainability to senior leaders to help ensure the long-term success of your institution.

This Guide introduces some of the key issues you need to consider when developing business cases on sustainability and, in the longer term, working to achieve greater influence and alignment at a senior level to embed sustainability thinking right across the organisation.

The Guide does not have all the answers. You are encouraged to use it alongside other sources of information and support, some of which are listed in the following section.

EAUC’s 2018 Guide ‘Sustainability: Key to Long-term Institutional Success’ is a particularly useful starting point for understanding the strategic business benefits of sustainability and it can also be shared with your institutions senior leadership team for their information (see next section for details).

You are also urged to help build the evidence base in support of sustainability as a key strategic agenda across FHE as a whole.

With the publication of this Guide, EAUC will establish a peer-to-peer network to facilitate the sharing of evidence and insights on the business benefits of sustainability.

It will also explore other options to increase information and support in
the areas of business case development and change management, such as the provision of more case study examples and personal accounts of driving change on sustainability at a senior level.