Developing Green Champions - Environmental Facilitators: why and how

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This presentation on 'Environmental Facilitors - why and how' was given as part of a morning workshop on Developing Green Champions at the EAUC-Scotland Conference 2015 by David Stutchfield, Energy Officer at the University of St Andrews.

Session Outline

The University of St Andrews developed their 2011 carbon management awareness campaign into the “Passport to Environmental Excellence” training courses and the “Environmental Facilitators” programme. This workshop discussed the challenges and successes of setting up the programme and where they are now.


EAUC-Scotland held their third conference on the 17th November 2015, sharing examples, ideas and opportunities for Colleges and Universities working to develop and promote sustainability within their institution.

The conference theme, A Shared Responsibility, highlighted that for effective change sustainability action is not only needed by estates teams, but also academic and support staff, senior management and students, and requires engagement with local and national partners and other further and higher education institutions.

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