D.I.Y UTravel Active 2014 Annual Conference presentation

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Presentation from 18th EAUC Annual Conference 2014

Stream: Estates and Operations
Competancy level: All


Design your own 'Velocampus'. What changes can you make to minimise the environmental impact of student and staff commuter travel at the same time as promoting sustainability and improving their health and wellbeing? We will give you the opportunity to design, using models and a budget, a campus where active travel (walking and cycling) is facilitated and there are visible incentives to change the way people are travelling. Taking the Hull UTravel Active project as a case study, we will give ideas, information on funding opportunities, examples of success and a Q&A session.


Chris King, Environmental Manager, University of Hull; Jessica Taylor, Active Travel Officer, University of Hull; Joanna Ward, Universities and Colleges Coordinator, Sustrans.

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